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    kipp_top_k1200e.jpgHoof pairing stand KIPP TOP

    The KIPP TOP is the caring station for the professional hoof pairer and for skilled workers with highest expectation on comfort and safety for humans and animals. With a tapering entrance, this tipping stand suits also shy animals out of herds.

    • The electro-hydraulic works very quietly. Lifting capacity 1200 kg.
    • The leg holders are adjustable. Always ideal position for human and animal
    • The operational unit is in a comfortable position with free vision of the animal
    • No twisted belts. The belts are sewed together in the right distance.
    • A special rubber mat gives high animal comfort. An additional upholstery at the shoulder area reduces pressure on the radialis nerv.
    • The center belt tightner saves many moves and prevents uneven tightning
    • Integrated tool box in the console with plugs.
    • Professionals are delighted with the electrical belt tightner and its ease of operation with the appliance controls and tool carriage above the table, which are labour saving.
    • Fully hot dipped galvanised.

    The tipping stand gains more supporters due to a faster working speed and the comfortable working height.
    The proven KIPP TOP K 1200 E suits with its holding frame and newly designed head fixation (option) also for nervous cattle.
    With this, it is possible to fill thru a crush. The animal is positioned securily in the crush with a holding frame.
    Cattle are quickly and comfortably tied to the lying area with the proven stomach belt.
    The table is positioned with the 230 V electro-hydraulic. The legs are then tightened with the fast closing locks. No winding, all four hoofs are immediately in ideal position for upright, secure and non-tiring work.
    An integrated tool box keeps the hoof pairing tools always tidy in the KIPP TOP. There is even a plug for the angle grinder.
    The K 1200 E is in all aspects well planned and provides a professional solution. The hot dipped galvanised version is a good investment for many years.

    KIPP TOP Klauenpflege-Kippstand für Berufsklauenpfleger

    Length 170 mm, width working position 225/270 cm, height 185 cm
    Table size lying area + head support 200 x125 cm
    Lifting capacity 1200 kg, net weight 440 kg
    Driven by 220 V / 1,5 KW electro hydraulic or a tractor with two way spools. Protection against corrosion: hot dipped galvanised/galvanised

    Catching device

    Tying console
    for standing operation with fast closing lock